Logistics, Movement & Manpower

for the circular economy

Bright Green Environmental Solutions are logistics, movement, storage and redistribution experts. BGES offer a diverse portfolio of services to a vast number of clients across multiple sectors of business both public and private.

Headquartered in Edinburgh and operating nationwide, BGES specialise in reuse solutions for Furniture, Fittings and equipment from offices, hotels and other commercial domains.

At the core of our business is a focus on the facilitation of circular economy solutions for each of our clients. BGES has built a disruptive removal, storage and redistribution solution with unique pricing models in order to promote a shift away from the standard removal to storage model.

Our Culture

Our culture has been built during our short but intense operational lifetime and is the absolute critical foundation upon which our business model and services operate. This culture moulds and shapes the processes, protocols and solutions BGES create and implement. Our approach to the facilitation of circular solutions carries with it a lasting impact on both the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Corporate Social Responsibility

BGES recognise that many organisations do not have the infrastructure or the facilities to create and manage an in-house CSR policy. We also recognise the importance of CSR policies for futureproofing of your organisation. BGES is a CSR provider, allow us to create and facilitate a bespoke CSR policy for you and your organisation.

Quality Benchmarking

BGES is partnered with various carbon benchmarking and accreditation providers. Our standards of operation are constantly monitored and assessed to ensure we maintain the highest levels of carbon management for each bespoke strategy implemented for our clients.